It’s about you

It’s about you

At Alpine Vista Dental we understand great dental care is about more than healthy teeth and gums. Dr. O’Donnell and his amazing team take the time to understand what exceptional care means to you

It’s about confidence

Good health and a great smile change how we feel about ourselves. they influence our interactions with each other and our feeling of self worth. Dr. O’Donnell is committed to providing the highest quality of care possible. He and his team understand a healthy mouth is a step towards a healthy lifestyle.  

It’s about relationships

Good health means less time worrying about what might happen and more time spent concentrating on what matters most in life, our family and friends. Dr. O’Donnell and his team practice comprehensive dentistry, looking at oral health from every angle, which means fewer surprises and more predictable outcomes.  

It’s about comfort

The gentle team at Alpine Vista Dental understands everyone has their own unique desires and needs. Some people find it difficult to seek dental care. Rest assured, our team is committed learning your individual care needs in a judgement free environment so you can feel at ease. We look forward to meeting you.  


We believe in the inherent dignity of every person. We choose to get to know and understand our patients starting their very first visit. We promise to create a welcoming environment free from judgement where you can be open with us.

Quality care

We believe people deserve the highest quality of care possible. This is why we choose to work with the best specialists in the region.  We are committed to continuing education and promise to continually update our skill set as new techniques come available.  

honesty and integrity

We believe trust is the foundation of all great relationships. You deserve a dentist who has your best interest at heart. For that reason, we treat everyone as we would treat our own families. We don’t push unnecessary procedures and make sure you are always in charge of your health.