We’ve got you covered

Our professional claims team ensures you get the most from your insurance


We are a provider for your PPO

We will help you file your out of network claims so you can get the care you need without the hassle.  Our team of experienced dental insurance professionals will help you navigate the claims submission process so you can make the most of your benefits. 

Cigna Dental PPO Plans

We are an in network provider for Cigna Dental PPO so you can rest assured you’re getting the most of the insurance benefit you signed up for.

Delta Dental Premier Plans

We are in network providers for Dental Premier plans and our team makes sure you get the maximum benefit of your plan.     

 No insurance? No Problem !

At Alpine Vista Dental we will help ensure you can get the care you need whether you have insurance or not. We don’t believe people should be penalized for not having insurance. We keep our fees reasonable, transparent and in line with most PPO insurance plans so you don’t have to worry.